What is Love?

What is Love?


The universe expressing itself.

We can only give as much love as we allow to give ourselves. Its the whole Oneness thing: makes perfect sense. We see mirrors of ourselves in others.

A lot of relationships these days are formed from a LACK mentality – i.e. that person has characteristics or traits that I feel I ‘lack’, that I want more of – and so I pursue this person to form a sense of ‘completion’. This is the whole premise of duality consciousness, and I suppose, why ‘opposites attract’. This feeling of lack could be from an ego-scar created from the opinions of parents or loved ones – “you need to be louder, quieter, more successful, more spontaneous, less sponteanous”, etc. We think we see the gap filled in our psyches in a form of another human being, and run after it.

But, we cannot love properly in pieces.

And of course, there is no gap to be filled. It is all a lie. After all, everything is One – you ARE the Universe expressing itself.

However, lets put a spin on this: when we are fully, wholly, unconditionally loving towards our Nature – why then, would we desire a partner? By that stage wouldn’t we already feel perfectly complete and fulfilled?

Because our true nature, is unconditional love. Because the Universe seeks to express itself through itself.  It is, ultimatley, why we are all here, and what we’re all about.

Happy travels everyone.


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No, you don’t need ‘fixing’.

A lot of people will disagree with this video. But I’ve always felt there is something incredibly wrong with the current psychiatric/ psychological system. I was tossing around the idea of becoming a psychiatrist when i was a teenager – and I’m so glad i decided not to. We are all individuals, with different emotional and behavioral patterns, different childhood and past conditioning. We are all have the power to control these patterns if we choose to, or they are not working for us – through self-awareness and understanding, meditation to expand our awareness, being conscious of the thoughts we choose to think. We are not at the mercy of an outside ‘professional’ or pill to ‘fix us’. We are incredibly powerful beings – who for the most part, are completely unaware of our own power.

This is why i am so passionate about Vedic Astrology. Our birthcharts are basically a blueprint of our  energetic ‘personality’ (for want of a better word, for in truth personality is an illusion of the ego) that we have brought into this lifetime – karmic emotional and behavioural patterns, soul lessons that we were, in previous lifetimes, and are now learning, as part of our soul’s growth. Through bringing to light and becoming consciously AWARE of these energetic ‘tug-of-wars’ in our unconscious karmic behaviours, and by understanding the deeper meaning of what spiritual lessons we are learning through them, we are then able to control them. We are not VICTIMS – there is a deeper, soul-growth reason behind every condition, whether physical or psychological. Once we understand this, we stop becoming a victim and start taking responsibility for our own karma, and eventually, through understanding and learning of these soul lessons, detach ourselves from these karmic forces. Karma is our teacher, there is no need to fear it. And once we understand, once we are finished learning – then all we are left with of ourselves is who we really are – pure consciousness. We become free of our karmic backlogs, free to create our own expression of consciousness, completely uninhibited. Now doesn’t that sound good? 🙂 The choice is yours – YOU have that power, that control, within the very palm of your hand. And you don’t need a pill for that.

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Fill your brain, then listen to your heart (it was telling it to you anyway).


“Fill your brain with all the facts you need, then consciously empty your mind and pray that it be aligned with a higher purpose. This instructs your subconscious to help you do more than “know” the facts; it instructs it to reveal them to you in a more creative, helpful way. That’s the highest relationship between intellect and spiritual practice.”

I love this statement by Marianne Williamson. We live in such a intellectualised society. We’ve been trained to use our minds to solve all of our problems.

But the intellectualisation of spiritual practice (which seems to be the in thing to do these days), confuses me. Its always been a very organic, intuitive, heart-centered practice for me. Accumulating knowledge and filling our minds with random tid-bits of information and abstract concepts is all great, and entertains and stretches the rational, logical mind. But eventually we need to have the mental control to switch-off our minds and listen to what our heart’s eternal wisdom has to say about all of it.

The ego mind always wants knowledge, as it feels safer, more in control with it. The heart needs nothing – it just yearns for you to listen.

I’m always reminded of something my mother used to tell me whenever I ‘thought too much’, and tried to analyse and understand everything. The Buddha said that if we try to understand the universe with our minds, we will drive ourselves mad. Our mind’s rational abilities are not capable of understanding the complexity of the universe. It uses our past experiences, memories, learned associations and concepts as a framework – and because the universe is immeasurably more vast than our learned understanding in this lifetime, this is not possible.

Enlightenment and spiritual understanding, ultimately, must be FELT. Marianne discusses a symbiotic, balanced and mutually respectful relationship between the heart and the mind – which I believe is needed for true spiritual understanding. After all, through oneness, all the knowledge of the universe is within our hearts. But we need our minds to to recognise this information, to formulate it in a way we can understand (through words/inner dialogue), and bring it to the surface for ego-less contemplation. In this state of pure contemplation, not coloured by the ego-framework of the learnings in this lifetime, but receiving direct downloads from Source catalysed by a piece(s) of  information – the insights set-off emotional reactions in the heart-mind, either agreeing or disagreeing. This is when the heart and mind are no longer wrestling with each other (which seems to be the norm for most societies at this time), but working in perfect harmony, which rapidly progresses our spiritual evolution. And once you feel  the information, there’s no going back to how it was before. You wouldn’t want to anyway.

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