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Hi, its lovely to meet you!  🙂 My name is Aksara – I’m a spiritual intuitive, musician, writer, Vedic astrologer, Soul realignment practitioner and Reiki practitioner. I offer Vedic Astrology consultations, Soul Readings, Angel Readings and Reiki services from my website: http://aksarahealing.com. Or connect with me on facebook: www.facebook.com/aksara.healing .

I have been deeply invested in spirituality my whole life, growing up in a Buddhist family with my astrologer mother. I have fond memories of my sister and I sitting at the edge of her bed, whilst she told us tales of our future jobs, husbands, and soon-to-be wondrous lives.  No run-of-the-mill storytime for me thanks. 😉

Vedic Astrology

The magic secrecy of Vedic Astrology affected me so deeply, that I started learning it on my own when I was about 14. And I’ve been doing it ever since. Sixteen years later, and I’m definitely not finished yet! Astrology is many lifetimes of study, a journey that never quite ends. The more I sink my teeth into it, the more spellbound I become, and the more the inherent organisation and beauty of the Universe opens itself up to me – and I am ever so grateful.

Vedic (or Sidereal) Astrology, is the ancient method of astrology originating from India and is traditionally practiced in South Asia. It differs significantly from Western or Tropical astrology. A person’s Vedic birth chart is different to their Western birth chart. If you’re interested, I explain it further here: http://www.aksarahealing.com/vedic-astrology/ .



I am a qualified Reiki practitioner under the traditional Original Seven Level Reiki System (ASLOR). It differs from the Reiki practiced by many healers today, in that there is a lot more focus on the accuracy of the symbols. It is believed that many practitioners are currently using inaccurate symbols, and thus not effectively channeling the Reiki Energy. You can read more about it here.


Soul Readings and Clearings

I am a trained Soul Realignment Practitioner, and offer Soul Readings and Energy Clearings. Basically, I read the Akashic Records for information about your Soul’s history, or ‘story’. I then clear energetic blocks from your past lifetimes. You can read more about it here.


Angel Readings and Healings

I’m a natural Angel intuitive and work closely with the Angelic Realm. I love working with them, and they are a true gift to us if we believe in them and call upon them for help and assistance.


I hope you’ll enjoy walking with me on this amazing journey! Please enjoy the view, feel free to comment and get in touch with me on aksara444@gmail.com – I would love to connect, and am always up for a good discussion. 😉

Many blessings on your life path,

A x

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