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What is Love?

What is Love?


The universe expressing itself.

We can only give as much love as we allow to give ourselves. Its the whole Oneness thing: makes perfect sense. We see mirrors of ourselves in others.

A lot of relationships these days are formed from a LACK mentality – i.e. that person has characteristics or traits that I feel I ‘lack’, that I want more of – and so I pursue this person to form a sense of ‘completion’. This is the whole premise of duality consciousness, and I suppose, why ‘opposites attract’. This feeling of lack could be from an ego-scar created from the opinions of parents or loved ones – “you need to be louder, quieter, more successful, more spontaneous, less sponteanous”, etc. We think we see the gap filled in our psyches in a form of another human being, and run after it.

But, we cannot love properly in pieces.

And of course, there is no gap to be filled. It is all a lie. After all, everything is One – you ARE the Universe expressing itself.

However, lets put a spin on this: when we are fully, wholly, unconditionally loving towards our Nature – why then, would we desire a partner? By that stage wouldn’t we already feel perfectly complete and fulfilled?

Because our true nature, is unconditional love. Because the Universe seeks to express itself through itself.  It is, ultimatley, why we are all here, and what we’re all about.

Happy travels everyone.


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